Saturday, September 6, 2014

Anxiety, Stress and Fears

Those of us in Eastern Iowa have been absolutely blessed with beautiful sunny, fall-like weather today. It gets me in the mood for football, chili, bonfires and my comfy warm sweaters. I have been thinking quite a bit this week on how I am doing on facing my anxiety and fears and handling my stress. Not being perfect, some days were definitely better than others.

As I sit watching Iowa State play (I bleed black and gold for the Hawkeyes, but they don't play until 2!), I realize that I need to tackle my anxiety head-on. God is the greatest coach anyone could ever have. He has surrounded me with wonderful teammates that help me work through my anxieties and fears. And then I have been given the gift of co-workers and friends who are right there cheering me on and picking me up with their prayers and encouraging words when I stumble. The playbook is God's Word and I am using it more to guide me as I live out each day.

Chili is one of my all-time favorite fall/winter meals and I use the leftovers to create other meals that I enjoy. I don't like mine spicy hot, but I do like it warm. The more time I spend in devotion and Bible study, the warmth inside of me gets hotter until I am on fire for God, thirsting for more.

 I get that same feeling with K-LOVE. The more I listen, the more on fire I am for God! I love to sing at our Praise worship service and that stokes the fire and the fire gets hotter and draws me closer to my Abba. When I feel uneasy, I pop in a Christian music CD, turn on the radio or start humming some of my favorite hymns. Just as the warmth of the bonfire draws me closer, so too, my love for music warms me, drawing me closer.

I can't wait for "The Best Yes" to start! Reading Lysa's books is like a warm comfy sweater. I love how I can relate to her and the message she is sharing. I seriously feel like we have some of the same struggles and it makes me feel warm because I know that others have the same struggles too. I am snug and warm in the Word .

On that note, it is a great day to curl up and take a warm, little nap while waiting for the Hawkeyes to play.


  1. Great job Deje. Love it. Love chili, like fall a little bit - do NOT like cold. It's 90 here right now but getting cloudy and a cold front on the way with another late next week in the 70s - that's getting down low enough for me. But I do like days with a big bowl of soup.

  2. Great blog, we all need help and praise God for helping us to overcome!! I am thankful that God is showing me where I need to overcome so that I can be victorious in other areas of my life.

  3. Great blog!! Fall is my favorite...bonfires, leaves changing, jeans and hoodies, and football! Thank you for sharing. It is so true that we need to have that fire...that spark and then fan the flames...