Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Determined to be at #Peace

I have struggled mightily the past week. I ate a McDonalds large value meal (Really? Did I need that?), found myself eating out of boredom, and wondering how can I get this all done in 24 hours/day. I used to be so organized and prided myself on getting things done! What has happened to get me to this point of pure craziness? If there is so much to do, how can I be bored?

The winter weather has me out of my daily routine. We have missed so much school that I am behind there. That leads to a little stress. Throw in some minor disagreements with loved ones and that's where McDonalds came in. I am trying to stay on top of 2 different Bible study groups (same study but off by one week) and have let a third one go by the wayside. So a little Twix bar here and a Snickers bar get the picture!

But I am determined that by God's grace and mercy I will be at peace during this weight loss journey. I have learned that I am not defined by the number on the scale. I was created by God, in His image. I am a masterpiece created by the master. I will overcome the winter weather, win out over temptations and when I am bored I will drink water and get moving! With God by my side I will create a daily schedule to get deadline items done and then add a few fluff items that should be done, but can wait if needed. Just typing this has filled me with peace! I HAVE A PLAN! I will be successful and be at #peace with myself and what God has blessed me with. At the same time I will eat healthier, exercise more and continue delving into God's Word. God gives me peace!

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